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Web TV Creation

(30 trial days)


Streaming your TV channel or event live is the most complete solution to you broadcasting safely.

Our streaming solution is dedicated to video programs over which you want to keep control. The distribution can be done through Windows Media Streaming (Silverlight) Flash Streaming or HTTP Streaming for iPhone and iPad.

  • Bandwidth Package
  • Simultaneous viewers Package
  • Management Mode of expected traffic overruns
  • High maintenance charge (important audience)
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Securing
  • Monetization
  • Governed interface
  • RichMedia
  • Geolocation
  • Chat
  • Translation and subtitling
  • Transcription
  • Period of commitment (Monthly or Custom)
  • Statistics on consultation
  • Customer Area
  • Help commissioning
  • Flash streaming
  • Windows Media
  • HTTP Streaming Apple iPhone / iPad
30 trial days


We offer a highly accessible and scalable solution for the distribution of your video podcasts.

Generation of subscription XML files and creation interface and administration of programs and channels can easily complement your core system.

All podcasts distributed via our servers are consistently offered to the most viewed directories in SEO market.

  • Storage Package
  • Consultation Package
  • Period of commitment (Monthly)
  • Statistics on consultation
  • Customer Area
  • Help commissioning
  • SEO (iTunes, directories ...)
  • Creation and administration interface
  • Creation automate
  • Podcasts web page consultation
  • Automate for antenna PLC
30 trial days