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Email Marketing

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Marketing Email

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a unique platform that meets your relational marketing needs. We offer several inde-pendent modules to optimize your campaigns through our real time analysis and statistics tools. You are free to use what you need: marketing campaigns, transactional emails etc...

A full HTML editor lets you create the design and easily setup your emails. You also have the choice of recipients and automation of dispatch. The creation of a campaign can be done in minutes.

Une création rapide et en toute simplicité vos campagnes

A quick and easy creation for your campaigns

An integrated HTML editor allows you to create, insert“unsubscribe” tags and custom fields such as name and company. You can work from a graphic frame model of your design or a custom-designed model.

The recipient list is constructed from one or more lists from databases or previous campaigns according to your unique criteria.

Vérification des campagnes systématiquement par le logiciel

Systematic Verification of campaigns by software

  • Removing bounces and unlisted addresses
  • Verification
  • Removing bounces and unlisted addresses
  • Checking the contents and structure of the HTML message
La planification et le suivi de vos envois

The planning and monitoring of your email dispatch

Each campaign can be planned to follow the date and time of your choice. The campaign is then transferred to our routing platform that will perform the same dispatching even if your computer is offline.

You can monitor, in real time, the progress of a routing and suspend or cancel it if necessary.

Analyse comportementale et statistique des routages

Behavioral and statistical analysis of routings

Statistics are updated automatically with the information from each sent email concerning the delivery of the email, the reading of the email, clicks on links, unsubscription, incorrect addresses and error generators.

You edit your reports directly and statistics can be exported to various formats for further processing.

30 trial days