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Téléphonie sur IP | voip maroc


VOIP is an ip telephony solution ready to use.
Use mobile phones on the internal telephone network inside your company.
In ip telephony (voip), your phone is connected directly to your high speed internet access instead of an actual land line.
You have access to an advanced, flexible telephony that is much more affordable than traditional phone services.
With an ip telephony solution, the ip terminal is connected directly to our internet network through an ip gateway, which ensures high quality sound without interruption. In addition, each call between subscribers is considered a local call ... free!

Une installation simple et courte!

It’s a short and simple system!

The necessary equipment to connect your ip telephone that you can even do yourself.


Listen to your voice messages even when you're outdoors. A sound file notification is sent via email as soon as you have a message on your voicemail.

Boîte vocale!