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Linux / Windows Administration

Linux / Windows Administration

Outsource the administration of your Linux or Windows servers.
Make daily maintenance of your servers effortless.
We offer our service to deploy, administer, and regularly maintain your dedicated server.
The security of your servers is a major factor in the quality of services you provide to your customers, as the sustainability of your data depends on it.
We handle the permanent proactive monitoring of your servers. Whatever your administration tool, we manage and continuously optimize their performance in order to offer you maximum reliability and security.

  • Install and mount a server.
  • Install software services in a network server.
  • Configure and administer the various network services.
  • Diagnose and solve common problems using the operating system tools.
  • Maintenance, repair and maintenance in good working condition of your infrastructure, administration and supervision of the configuration of your servers.
  • Remote interventions and preventive maintenance, corrective and evolutionary.
  • Regular monitoring of the main elements of your IT architecture.
  • The evaluation of hardware resources, occupation of hard disks and memory saturation.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Installation of new features, software updates...