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    New rules of engagement
    New digital age ...
    Building websites for mobile devices.
    Responsive & Adaptive Web Design.
    Successful graphic design that lives up to your expectations.

About us

Since 2008, Web Logiciel Maroc has had modern technologies as its specialty. Our driving force stems from the skill set of our young team. We have experience working directly with customers from the USA, Europe, and Africa. Since 2012, we’ve made our services available to the Moroccan market.


We excel at developing tailor-made solutions (SaaS) with huge experience in making all kinds of applications for Windows and Linux (single-user or network driven) and will add mobile apps depending on your needs.

We use ResponsiveTechnology

Almost one wants a mobile version of their website these days.

Responsive website
Responsive website : ipadResponsive website : ipad
Responsive website : ipad portrait Responsive website : ipad portrait
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Responsive website : iphoneResponsive website : iphone
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Best Results... Best Price


Our Process

We transform your ideas into reality and create a connection with your customers.

Your opinion

Wanting your own concept? Discover which of all our solutions are best suited to your needs!
WLMAROC provides multi-technical services in conception and engineering and follows your project from a simple idea to its realization.

Our conceptions

We’ve got quality workmanship, specialists and proven expertise allowing us to ensure every phase of a project: Consulting, Conception, production and Maintenance.


Save time! Take control of your project’s evolution step by step, and make sure everything goes smoothly!
From the start you know the accurate deadline in which your project will be ready.

Startup of your project

We take care of putting your new structure into work while assuring continuity of your operations.
We carry out a detailed audit to insure your project’s flawless run and the mandatory backup procedure.